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ὁ ὢν καί ὁ ἦν καί ὁ ἐρχόμενος

ho ṑn kaí ho ēn kaí ho erchómenos

Sounds like ho own kahee ho ane kahee ho er•khom'•en•os

The one being and the one that was and the one coming, i.e. the Eternal, as a divine epithet of Christ.

Derived a phrase combining #03588 (ὁ / ho) with the present participle and imperfect of #01510 (εἰμί / eimí) and the present participle of #02064 (ἔρχομαι / érchomai) by means of #02532 (καί / kaí).


This information may be out-of-date. This dictionary was created in 1890 and may not reflect the latest manuscript discoveries and research.